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Seeing is believing

Take a 360° view of some breathtaking formats (and a range of trusted everyday performers).

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Stream® 4-colour hybrid
digital print

It’s here... and nowhere else in Europe. The possibilities for 4-colour hybrid digital personalisation are now endless.

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Advice at your fingertips

A truly comprehensive Glossary of terms to help you navigate your way through the complexities of print production

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Postal optimisation update

Helping you to maximize your postal efficiency

We have the expertise, skills and practical experience of the postal market. This means we are confident we can make the mail system work more effectively for you.

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Advertising mail

What our customers say

The pack was executed to perfection and outperformed existing packs, so we are delighted not only with the results but the dedication at TLG to get it done and delivered at the right quality and cost." BSkyB

Best supplier in the market place for the type of format we wanted " Proximity

Production was handled professionally in-house, all looked good…you will not lose sight of me!" TU ink

My thanks to you and your company for doing such a great job. It was nice to have worked with you all." COI

Advice centre

Need to know more?

Why not try our Glossary Tool that defines and explains hundreds of print terms? Or see what impact 4-colour print makes in our Power of Colour fact file.


Keeping green

Our impact on the environment is something that we take very seriously. And we regularly look for new ways to reduce our Carbon footprint.