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As the use of digital marketing grows to capture consumers’ online behaviour, so it can be harder to stand out online. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in costs. Door Drops provide a cost-effective channel to support your marketing. Research from JICMAIL shows us that Door Drops drive discussions (7%), purchases (2%) and visits to the sender’s website (2%) – see Chart 1.

Chart 1 – Commercial actions from Door Drops

Younger Audiences and Door Drops

The research supports the value of using Door Drops for marketing across all ages – including younger audiences. According to JICMAIL, we see in Chart 2 that younger audiences interact almost as frequently with Door Drops as older audiences…

Chart 2 – All Door Drops frequency across ages

…and Chart 3 shows Door Drops are kept longer on average by younger audiences.

Chart 3 – All Door Drops Lifespan across ages

Content makes a difference

Content is also key. There have been large year on year increases in lifespan for Door Drops which either contain a voucher or coupon or which include information about local services (Chart 4)

Chart 4 – Increased year on year Lifespan for content for Door Drops

9 Brilliant Format Ideas

There can be a perception that Door Drops have to be a simple 2pp or 4pp. But that isn’t the case. With our help, you can really increase the wow factor, improving the likelihood of your item being kept, read and acted on. We’ve come up with 9 great ideas plus a Format Workshop offer that will help you see the endless possibilities to excite and engage your customers with Door Drops:

  1. Use a shape

Immediately stand out on the doormat by die-cutting your Door Drop into a shape. You can choose almost any shape that reflects your brand or campaign and include a voucher or coupon to drive purchases.

  1. Include a card to keep

A good way to extend the life of your Door Drop is to include a separate card which consumers can keep for future reference. You can leave a space for data collection if the card is to be used in store and include a second card for any refer a friend offer.

  1. Present information in a wallet

Make your information extra special by presenting it in a wallet. This works brilliantly with vouchers, coupons, tickets and offers giving an exclusive feel. Combine this with a metallic ink to reinforce that feeling.

  1. Include a coupon or voucher

As we’ve seen, including coupons and vouchers in a Door Drop has increased lifespan by a huge 37% year on year. We’ll help you include the right voucher or coupon to increase your sales.

  1. Connect Door Drop and online with EasyZap QR code

As we’ve seen, Door Drops drive website and online activity. Make this easier by including the EasyZap QR code. This takes customers directly to your landing pages, offers and content and records activity in a dashboard for easy analysis.

More information is available in our previous blog: Connecting Print and Digital https://www.tlg.co.uk/easyzap-connecting-print-and-digital/

  1. Include regional information

Door Drops including regional information drive better response. This can be as simple as referring to the location being targeted or local store information. This can be one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing interest and revenue.

  1. Use Peel and reveal

Include important information about your product or service under peel back windows, focusing your customers’ attention where you want it to be. This also increases the interaction with your Door Drop and consequently the effect helping drive interest and sales.

  1. Use EasyEarth to make postal reply easy

Easyearth is revolutionary, letting you re-use the outer wallet as the reply device making it simple for customers who want to respond by post. The envelope, letter and flyers are all produced as a single mailable item, simplifying the production process and reducing cost.

  1. Include a Sample

If customers are reluctant to come in store, or you want to overcome the barrier of cost when trying something new, why not include a sample of your product in your Door Drop? Let them try your product in their own home and purchase online. 

We have lots of other great innovative ideas to transform your Door Drop campaigns. Why not take advantage of our Format Workshop? This is a free, one hour deep dive session dedicated to dissecting your existing mail formats and creating new designs to add impact and value to your campaigns. These sessions are confidential and exclusive.

Together, we will look at: Material, Mail Type, Format, Messaging, Finishes and Incentives. Please note: we will ask you to share existing campaign creative examples plus campaign objectives in advance in preparation for an interactive and productive session.

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