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Are you shopping more online? So is everyone – the Office for National Statistics reported in September that, ‘in store sales are still nearly 10% down, while those online are still up by nearly half on the start of the year’.

In this rapidly changing world, we, as marketers, must react. We need to show our customers we understand their needs and speak to them where they are engaging, browsing and shopping. But exclusively using digital marketing gives two big problems: firstly, it’s what everyone else is doing, which means it’s even harder to be seen, and, secondly, it misses opportunities presented by the wider marketing mix.

The latest JICMAIL Q3 report shows that 8.7% of all advertising mail drove traffic to advertiser websites in Q3 2020: up from 6.5% a year ago and representing a 33% increase year on year. This isn’t a surprise – with more customers at home, they have more time and attention to pay to their advertising mail.

It’s common sense that mail encourages customers to go online. When someone receives, your mailing, If they’re interested one of their channels to finding out more is going online. According to JICMAIL, 11% of customers go to the sender’s website after having received an item of direct mail from an online retailer (Chart 1).

Chart 1 – Commercial actions for direct mail from Mail order / Online retailer

One of the keys to success, of course, is to connect your mail and online campaigns.

(We’ve covered how we can help share digital content with customers and track their engagement using our EasyZap intelligent barcode here.)

Make sure you consider the full journey between your mailing and your online offer. Mail acts as a physical ad campaign so ensure you have your landing pages connected, primed and ready.

Need more customers? With the explosion in online shopping and increased competition it will become more and more challenging to continue to grow. New brands are popping up weekly and bricks and mortar retailers are putting resource into accelerating their online offering.

The best way to grow is to find more consumers who are most like your ‘best customers’. Our Lettershop marketing business, Go Direct Marketing, understand customer data and purchasing habits enabling you to target the right person, with the right message at the right time. This enables you to stand out and put marketing spend into the channels that are both responsive and profitable.

The relationship between print and digital cuts across other sectors, too. Titan Travel partnered with Lettershop to create their personalised travel brochure which won two GOLDs at the DMA Awards. They used the variability of digital printing to tailor their travel brochure to specific segments of their database including changing images of likely next destinations, call to action variants and even colour schemes. This delivered spectacular results – read the case study here.

Looking at the research data, this engagement with Travel DM runs across all ages. Although young audiences receive less direct mail from travel companies on average, the interaction or frequency rate is actually fairly flat across all age groups (Chart 2).

Chart 3 - Commercial actions for direct mail from Retailer

This is certainly something to bear in mind when considering how to reach younger audiences – we’ve written about that in more depth here

Digital printing has also helped Pets at Home deliver an engaging and responsive experience by sending a personalised, tailored birthday card to their customers’ pets. The contents of the pack vary according to the pet age and type and include both educational tips about care and personalised vouchers with a birthday treat.

Mail drives brand discussions – indeed it is the highest recorded commercial action for direct mail from Retail at 12% (Chart 3). Pets at Home use this behaviour and provide a competition to drive sharing on social media.

Chart 3 - Commercial actions for direct mail from Retailer

We can help you to devise your messaging, power your creative and use the format that will engage your audience and drive response. Take advantage of the power of mail to drive customers to your website. Talk to us about creating your own bespoke mail marketing campaign.

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