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Conventional mail packs are the mainstay of the door mat – comprising of an envelope and separate enclosed items – but could you benefit from converting that mail pack into a one-piece mailer? A one-piece mailer is exactly the same information, but all the content is contained on a single sheet of paper, folded or rolled to its final size and sealed closed.

The benefits centre around impact, speed and cost: you are designing a one message carrier without the need of a separate envelope. One production process is simpler than two and inevitably cheaper and easier. There is less impact overall, less transport, less resource use. In addition, postal discounts can still be achieved.

But what about the customer experience? Using a one-piece mailer allows you to create some memorable formats. These can range from simple ideas to convey single messages like regulatory notifications or sales drivers, right through to transformational, interactive formats to share information, encourage donations and share loyalty rewards.

But how could the process work for you? We’ve provided some important points for you to consider:

1 – Whatever you do, be innovative

You want your communication to stand out on the doormat so when you are considering one-piece mailers, make sure you look at some innovative ideas. Use our design service to help transform your pack into an exciting and engaging one-piece mailer. Some ideas include:

EasyMailer – with a range of cost-effective options and prices using a simple laydown for your design, the EasyMailer lets you get your message out – fast! It looks like a conventional envelope then opens out to give you lots of space to fully engage customers with your products and services.

Easyearth – to reduce waste, reduce processes, reduce cost and increase impact we‘ve designed a one piece mailer where the outer envelope is re-used as a reply envelope. Responses, donations and information are easily returned and the pack complies with specifications for Mailmark, door drop and inserts.

Die-cuts – A shaped die-cut immediately stands out and attracts the recipient’s interest. Virtually any shape can be used to reflect your campaign or brand and within the pack you can includes personalised offers and voucher.

2 – Look at the reason for your communication.

Is it to update your customers on a terms and conditions change? Or provide them vouchers to spend online or instore? Either of these could be adapted quite easily into a one-piece mailer. One-piece mailers don’t suit all requirements – but where they do, they’re impactful, quick, convenient and cost-effective.

CASE STUDY: A leading supermarket needed to let its customers know that there were updates to its terms and conditions. This was a mandatory requirement and quite naturally the original format considered was an A4 letter in a C5 outer. We offered an alternative and it was decided a one-piece mailer would be the most efficient and cost-effective way of letting customers know quickly what was happening, It was easy for the client to brief and design as the mailer was a single sheet.

CASE STUDY:  A health food retailer had been sending their loyalty statement in a conventional outer envelope. They wanted to make this a quicker, more effective process and agreed to use a one piece mailer incorporating a number of personalised vouchers and coupons. The redemption rate remained high and meant they were still engaging customers while reducing cost and improving turnaround. The vouchers stood out on the mailer as they were cut to a different depth and the folding configuration controlled how the recipient opened and read the piece and led them through to the coupons.

3 – Look at the way the information needs to be conveyed

With a one-piece mailer there are multiple options with how you present the information to your customers. You could have a simple roll fold, or a fold out so a customer sees all of the information straightaway. Alternatively you could ‘present’ the message in a wallet or even a pop through so your mailer has more of an exciting or exclusive feel. By providing you dummies of the format, we’ll make sure your messaging works the way you want it to.

4 – Consider tailoring the messages to different customers

Just because you are using a one-piece mailer, doesn’t mean you can’t tailor messages to your customer segments. Using their profile information lets you change the photos, images, colours, offers and call to action messages to relate to their specific customer journey. This can mean a much greater response. With our extensive experience in supporting customers with variable imaging requirements, we will make sure your customers receive their own bespoke personalised experience.


Titan Travel wanted to turn their highly valued brochures into a personalised experience for its customers. They identified key customer segments and then tailored their brochures to reflect their interests, travel choices, tone of voice, personality and design preferences. These were incorporated together to create a final personalised brochure unique to each customer. The results were incredible. Read the full story here.

5 -Track interaction with Easyzap

Mail drives customers online – according to JICMAIL, 10% of retail direct mail drives customers to the sender’s website. But sometimes that connection can be hard to track. EasyZap allows you to use technology to link your client’s mail campaigns to their landing pages, videos and sound cards. EasyZap is a simple barcode printed on your mail which links directly to your campaign landing pages, videos, sound files, calendar invites and contact details. You can then see opens and clicks on an easy to use dashboard.

More information is in our connecting print and digital blog here

With one-piece mailers, the options are endless

Let us guide you through the process of choosing and using the right format for you so you can save cost and time while still driving sales from your customers.

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