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Format Workshop

Get more from your mail

To help you get the most from your mail campaigns, why not take advantage of our Format Workshop? This is a free, one hour deep dive session dedicated to dissecting your existing mail formats and creating new designs to add impact and value to your campaigns.

Together, we will look at:

  • Material – whether there is a better paper stock to use
  • Mail Type – whether a combination of Direct Mail, Door Drop and Partially Addressed Mail would work
  • Format – we’ll examine different interactive ideas to capture your customers’ interest
  • Messaging – whether there is a better way to get your message across
  • Finishes – whether a coating or special finish would add value
  • Incentives – investigating a mail incentive for a postage credit

These sessions are exclusive and confidential, designed to increase performance of your mail campaigns to drive sales, online traffic and engagement. 

Please note: we will ask you to share existing campaign creative examples plus campaign objectives in advance in preparation for an interactive and productive session. 

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