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Many charities use prize draws, lotteries and raffles as a key part of their fundraising activities. Donors are given a new reason to donate which still supports the objectives of the charity, while enjoying the excitement and interaction that goes with entering a competition.

There are many ways to create a prize draw pack. You have to consider your audience, what will capture their interest and remain true to your charity’s goals. You must also consider the mechanics – how to manage the prize draw entry numbers to make sure you meet regulatory guidelines. You also need to make sure the prize draw is successful and raises maximum funds.

After creating, producing and delivering millions of packs, we’ve put together essential considerations when creating your winning prize draw pack:

Use a supplier with experience in Statistical Number Generation

The mechanics of creating the numbering for the tickets and the generation of the winning numbers needs to be robust and compliant, with failsafe secure processes in place.

Use a secure, expert facility that has produced successful prize draws for a number of charities and has the knowledge and experience required to create bespoke numbering, using complex numeric routines that meet with the compliance criteria required.

Make it eye-catching

In order to maximise the success of these campaigns it’s key that the concept is eye-catching to the recipient to create that instant interest. These can include:

Using Stickers

Here we see a charity has provided their donors with personalised stickers. This emphasises the personalised nature of giving and makes it easier to complete the raffle form.

The sticker can be part of a letter or newsletter as a cost-effective way of producing and delivering this content.

Using rewarding die-cut gift tags or a fridge magnet

This charity has combined a personalised label pack and provided themed gift tags as a thank you. This ties in with the overall charity message as well as providing an item to keep and use for the donor.

Use ticket books

This charity used a booklet with reveals to place the top prizes centre stage. This format makes it really easy to see what to do and what might be won, providing donors a clear reason to participate.

Using the envelope window

This simple idea shows additional information through the window of the envelope. This helps the donor to see immediately what could be waiting for them inside and encouraging them to open the envelope.

Using a wallet format

Here the prize draw information is presented in a wallet format. This emphasises the exclusive feel of taking part in and winning something special and provides the donor a choice of prizes.

See many more innovative applications here

Personalisation used to encourage participation

Using personalisation can help to build the relationship with your supporters. You can thank them for previous donations or participation in fund-raising events as well as acknowledging their support for your organisation.

Pre-personalising labels within a prize draw pack makes it much easier for the donor to respond, encouraging participation.

The use of prize draws, lotteries and raffles means providing some kind of reward which must be handled securely. Make sure your campaign is produced at a secure facility, with an appropriate process checking all stages to ensure the finished product is compliant and as required.

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