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Postal optimisation

We have the expertise, skills and practical experience of the postal market. This means we are confident we can make the mail system work more effectively for you.

Postal service optimisation

Postage costs invariably account for the greater part of your campaign budget. So it is vital that you are aware of all the service levels, products and tariffs available so you can find the most appropriate and cost efficient option every time.

Should you work directly with The Royal Mail or should you select a 'Downstream Access' partner?
Which tariff and service provider would be best for the size, weight and objective of the piece you are considering?
Can that product be re-engineered to make it eligible for a better and / or more cost efficient service?
What are the VAT implications now that Royal Mail is obliged to charge VAT on its 'direct supply' products.
Can this be mitigated with 'dual' DSA contracts referred to as Agent For Access'?

We have the answers

These are all areas that TLG has insight and expertise in - we are always happy to advise and guide you to ensure you get the very best postage deal and conserve as much of your valuable budget as possible.


Our approach

We listen, audit and then advise. It's a complimentary service to assist you in a complex area weighed down with regulation, technicalities, compliance and the potential of unnecessary expense.

Our solutions

Over the last twelve months we have proposed changes and offered re-engineered solutions that have presented our customers with cost saving opportunities that add up to millions of pounds!

Talk to us

Please contact us - after all we are the experts when it comes to understanding your posting 'profile'.  We will always provide our informed recommendations and suggestions with no charge or obligation!

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Keeping green

The Lettershop Group regularly look for new ways to reduce our footprint.

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Need to know more?

Why not try our Glossary Tool that defines and explains hundreds of print terms? Or see what impact 4-colour print makes in our Power of Colour fact file.

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