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Advertising Mail

We have the expertise, skills and practical experience of the postal market. This means we are confident we can make the mail system work more effectively for you.

Advertising Mail: Which options are right for you?

Advertising Mail

You can get the most from your budget by using Advertising Mail - with potential savings of 2p per pack. Advertising Mail is for addressed Direct Mail (DM) Letter and Large Letter format items comprising 'a largely uniform message with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute to or support a cause'.

“economical with potential savings of 2p per pack”

Sustainable Mail

Make your direct mail more environmentally friendly while saving between 0.3p and 0.7p per item. Sustainable Mail has 2 levels, 'Entry' and 'Intermediate'. Both are designed to help you increase the use of environmentally friendly materials in your mailings, while reducing the amount of mail in the waste stream. Effective use of data management, removing deceased records and goneaways, or those who wish to opt out of your mailing, means you are only mailing to those more likely to respond.

“a green option with savings of around 0.5p per pack”

Sustainable Adverstising Mail

Sustainable Mail can be used in conjunction with Advertising Mail. Combining the two gives potential savings of up to 2.7p per item.

“a combo with savings of 2.7p per pack”

  • Mailing Message

For Letter and Large Letter format direct mail postings which are addressed, comprising of a largely uniform message, with the purpose of promoting the sale, use of products, services, encourage contribution to or support of a cause.

  • Seed Items

Each mailing should have a seed item for audit purposes, usually an exact reproduction of the original mailing. If you choose to use Royal Mail, the seed item should be sent to their Advertising Mail Team, along with a copy of the sales order (OBA docket) no later than 10 days after posting. When using Downstream Access, seeds should be added to the mailing file.

  • Data

Where data is not from a consent based file, a documented procedure should be in place and used to suppress customer and prospect data against the Mailing Preference Service (MPS), including MPS deceased. An internal suppression file should be kept and maintained to ensure opt-outs are properly logged. Data must be checked 30 days or less before the mailing item is posted.

  • Presentation

Advertising Mail is available for sorted and unsorted products with different presentational requirements. You must meet individual postal product specifications and their associated presentational requirements.

  • Sustainable Advertising Mail

Sometimes referred to as Responsible Mail, there are 2 levels of Sustainable Advertising Mail: Entry and Intermediate. These are based on 5 key elements.

  1. Material sourcing and recyclability
  2. Data cleansing quality
  3. Customer opt out
  4. Seed items
  5. Item specification

  • Material Sourcing and Recyclability

For Entry level, all elements of the mail item must be on papers which contain recycled or virgin fibre sourced from a forest certification scheme and must be recyclable. Polywrap and brown envelopes are prohibited.

For Intermediate level, Entry level criteria must be met along with the following;

Printers, mailing houses and in-house facilities must have mandatory environmental management systems in place.

BS EN ISO 14001

UV varnishes and rubber based adhesives are prohibited.

  • Data Cleansing Quality

Data is as Advertising Mail for Entry level. For Intermediate level, all data must also be run against a commercially available deceased and goneaways file. Mandatory removal of previous mailing goneaways and opt outs.

  • Customer Opt Out

Intermediate level only, clearly provide addressee's with the option to opt out of receiving further mail packs from sender.

  • Item Specification

You must meet individual postal product specifications and their associated presentational requirements. For Intermediate level, ensure at least 95% of items are fully and accurately addressed and postcoded in accordance with Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).


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