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Election Services

Lettershop, part of The Lettershop are a chosen partner for delivering election material throughout the UK and abroad.
Customers requiring high volumes of variable printed matter, with full integrity, consistent accuracy and minimal process have found Lettershop to be the supplier of choice. With unrivalled quality and service, Lettershop design workflows to reduce risks and make the complicated simple.
Our investment in dynamic technology has streamlined and improved delivery, developing mechanical applications that ensure consistent quality and maximum in line production. Complex in line finishing equipment is often built by our team of award winning in-house engineers and our innovations set the industry standard.
The projects start with a process of due diligence, risk and resource assessment to ensure all security protocols are in place and understood. Then the plan is produced and shared with our internal teams, who work closely together with our customers to satisfy requirements, create an innovative solution and drive the activities forward.
All assets are transferred via secure means in accordance with ISO 27001 and operational processes guided by ISO 9001, providing customer confidence that their information and operational requirements are being effectively and professionally managed.

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