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  • Fast turnaround from pre-defined templates
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • No need for separate envelope or items

If you are looking for a fast, efficient way to get your message out to customers look at the EasyMailer from Lettershop. With a range of cost-effective formats and prices and a simple laydown for your design, the EasyMailer can be the right format idea for your needs. It looks like a conventional envelope then opens up to give you lots of space to fully engage customers with your products and services.

Ways to use the EasyMailer
There are many uses for this simple and effective format. You could use the EasyMailer for:

  • Information/ Newsletter – Update customers on the latest changes to service and local news and information
  • Launchpad to your Website – Proactively create awareness of your online products and services
  • Awareness and acquisition – Speak one to one with your customers and prospects

Using Easymailer for fast turnaround mailings
The EasyMailer is a great format for fast turnaround as it is all created out of one sheet of paper. This means that there is no envelope to purchase and just one set of artwork to have approved. All the technical drawings are already created and we have stocks of paper available to fulfil your requirements. Once in production we will produce a finished mailer ready for despatch at 35,000 packs per hour or 800,000 packs in a full day.

EasyMailer Format options
EasyMailer is a fixed price per campaign based on a minimum of 10,000 records
You have the option of three formats:

  • 4 page leaflet – quick and easy for simple messaging
  • 8 page leaflet – more space for greater detail
  • 12 page leaflet – the ultimate to showcase and reads like a newsletter

The EasyMailer can be personalised using either customer or cold data as well as postcode data to access the Partially Addressed Mail product. Using postcode data, means you can introduce regional personalisation to reach customers and prospects where you do not have their contact information.

Other Options

If the EasyMailer isn’t right for your campaign there are many other formats to replicate a letter into an envelope but still created out of one sheet of paper. This gives the mailing a more traditional business feel. See creative corner 

Rest assured, Lettershop have the knowledge and expertise to support all of your mailing requirements.

How can we help?

For your own EasyMailer campaign, please contact us on 0113 231 1113