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Gaming and Promotions

Creating a unique gaming or promotional device for your customers can increase your response rates and drive website traffic and in-store visitors. Use our specialist gaming and promotion service to create the right opportunity for you. We can do this in print and mail and where required, create the website or microsite to support the campaign.

  • No cost / low cost
    Where you are already sending a mailing to your customers, it could be very low cost or even no cost to incorporate a gaming idea. Let us design concept formats for you.
  • For a professional service use TLG
    It’s important you use a specialist service for gaming and promotions. You need to be making the right offer to encourage your customers to play and enjoy their game. You also need to have the right number of winners to make it a viable proposition. The game needs to be economic to produce and you must meet the correct legal requirements. Rest assured, TLG have the knowledge and expertise to support all of your gaming and promotional requirements.
  • Standalone gaming piece
    As an addition to a mail pack or a giveaway in store, you can create a standalone gaming card. This can exist on its own and be distributed in a number of ways for maximum reach.
  • Incorporated into an existing mail pack
    If you are already sending a mailing to your customers, it could be possible to incorporate a promotional element. The right interactive element could increase response rates, recall and brand awareness and provide an opportunity for data capture.
Customers love to have fun with their mail, especially when there’s a chance to win a prize! 

You can add a promotional device into an existing mail pack or create your own standalone game. We have the expertise and technology to design the game, produce the promotion and ensure you have the right number of winners.

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