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Loyalty and Reward Schemes

The Lettershop lead the way in creative innovative production of loyalty and reward schemes and managing the customer data to best effect through our GDM Business. Research shows that direct rewards are preferable to indirect rewards and are more effective in building a brand or program’s value than other incentives. For example, most customers hold several loyalty cards of competing retailers, we agree that loyalty card owners are more store loyal. More precisely, we know that when holders are satisfied with the reward scheme of the loyalty card programme, they are more loyal and less price sensitive than unsatisfied card holders.

The Lettershop will work with customers to identify and create added value loyalty and reward schemes with the focus of; Can a Customer Loyalty Program Help? Does the scheme directly support customer value proposition?
Relationship building adds to perceived value and lifetime customer value is high with an effective loyalty and reward scheme in addition to customer retention costs being less than acquisition costs.Our creative teams will tailor and produce a unique scheme which meets the needs and supports customers with their objectives.

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