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Surprise and delight customers with a ‘Barn Door’ Cover

Magazine covers are the premium position for a brand to achieve maximum impact and coverage. But what about if that brand wants to achieve something more and create emotional engagement with their customers? We’ve come up with a great way to showcase the brand message, add interaction and provide a reveal for the impact.
A ‘barn door’ cover allows you to reveal an aspirational or new product behind a split in the magazine cover. The pages are held together either with adhesive or tiny tabs of paper – so the customer can peel back the pages to see exciting products beneath.

Feast Magazine – Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose & Partners are synonymous with delicious food and wanted to use Feast Magazine to show delicious options and reinforce their quality offering.

Using our barn door format, with a peel and reveal opening, they were able to use the Feast cover to show one of their delicious desserts, a fabulous way to entice their customers into finding out more.

They also used each separate page to feature more beautifully photographed Waitrose & Partners products.

Quantity – 500,000
Stock – 130gsm woodfree gloss

Stella Magazine – The Telegraph

Another similar option was used by J D Williams for the cover of Stella magazine.

Showing their new range of glamorous, fashionable women’s clothing range as a reveal behind the magazine cover provides great interest and excitement.

This used a cut and tie opening – so the paper pops open – framing the J D Williams products behind the cover.

Quantity – 330,000

Stock – 130gsm woodfree gloss

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