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One-Piece Personalised Mailers

All our customers have one thing in common: they want to stand out from the crowd! 
When it comes to direct mail, publishers seek something more sophisticated and more compelling than just a letter in an envelope.
They need a unique creation that screams, look at me!
The one-piece personalised mailer from Lettershop, part of The Lettershop is the answer. A mix of creative design, innovative print formats and a variety of pioneering solutions all originating from one piece of printed paper.

To begin with, the Lettershop design team working in partnership with the client discusses the desired outcome. From there a concept is shared, ideas and dummies are presented for discussion. A number of supporting considerations are highlighted, like advice on paper type, how to maximise postage discounts, data processing and health checks are all part of the service.
With a “can do” approach and “anything is possible” attitude we have no limits on the possibilities and indeed we revel in how creative we can make one-piece personalised mailers.
Our team of experienced in-house engineers will build the solution once the design is agreed.
The manufacturing process begins with the product printing on a conventional or digital press. It then goes onto a finishing line where the value and personalisation are added; die cutting, glue cards, fragrance, glitter, UV varnish, special coatings, vouchers, prizes, security features.
We print it, add the magic, turn it into a creative format, then straight into trays and boxes before sending out in the most cost efficient postal route for the product.

Outer with spine glued brochure
Personalised Pop up
Voucher mailer with die cut shape

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