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Why should I use partially addressed mail?

Partially addressed mail lets you target new customers without using personal data – meaning a new GDPR-compliant way to increase your sales. We use the postcodes of your existing customers to match to postcodes of new customers and then send them mail to drive sales. It’s cheaper than direct mail as it’s addressed to the household. See below for ideas about how to address the packs.

GDPR Compliant

An acquisition tool that doesn't use personal data

Profiled to your top customers

Matched on your current dataset- by postcode

Lower cost than AdMail

A cost-effective way to send targeted mail

Supports online marketing

Mail drives customers online to support your SEO/PPC campaigns

Fast turnaround

React to competitor or market activity

What benefit will it give me?
By targeting like-for-like customers, partially addressed mail provides the right offer to the right audience. It is a cost-effect way of acquisition targeting.

How do I find households to target for my partially addressed mailing?
TLG has developed its own proprietary software called Pebl to identify target postcodes. The targeting can be based on locational/geographic data or it can be demographic data based on your best customer’s profiles or a combination of each.
If you don’t have a profile or persona you can provide us with your customer addresses and we will identify the discreet profiles of your customers and target those postcodes with the greatest propensity of those profiles.

These results are supplied to you in tables but also as maps so you can visualise what postcodes you are targeting and what postcodes are responding.

Can I use it to encourage customers to visit their local store?
Yes, our printing process is fully variable and we can help you to include the right local store or location message for your local customers.

How will partially addressed help my digital marketing?
Mail gives a healthy boost to your PPC and SEO campaigns by driving customers to your website (7% direct mail recipients visit the sender’s website JICMAIL) so it’s recommended to mail regularly to get the full effects. We can help you to devise a regular mailing programme to acquire new customers using a combination of offline and online campaigns.

Who else uses partially addressed mail?
Any organisation can use partially addressed mail so long as they have a database of customer postcodes. Some uses are here:
Retailers – store opening/closing or to boost sales in underperforming stores, reacting to competitor activity
Insurance – premiums by postcode to best prospects
Political Parties – messages delivered to streets where canvassing will take place in a timed manner

How do I get started with partially addressed mail?
Use TLG’s campaign management service to take care of all aspects of your partially addressed campaign. We’ll listen to your objectives, analyse your data, locate new audiences and design, print and mail your target customers. You only need to share with us the postcodes of your customers and we’ll do the rest. If you have demographic information on your customers, we’ll use that too, to further refine your targeting.
If you need creative, design or format advice, we’re the experts in making mail work. Our production capabilities are market-leading. Your communication will be targeted to your new customers.

How can I find postcodes to target?
We’ll help you find the best option for your acquisition strategy. There are four to choose from:


Simple and relevant for a retailer with stores we’ll find households within either a specific drive time or distance around the store not limited by any delivery boundaries.
Other distribution methods should be considered to see which is best as door drop at a sector level or micro sector (team distribution) may be a better solution.

Geo demographic

This uses geographic targeting but overlays it with demographic data. This helps you target postcodes that have a higher than national average propensity to look like your current customers or your best prospects.
This is relevant where you have a clear profile or criteria for customers. For example:

Specialist retails targeting household income or home ownership
Financial company targeting certain age profile like over 70’s
A political party wishing to identify potential voters

Boost existing customer postcodes

Use your current client postcodes to approach other households within that postcode. We’ll look for the highest number of your customers in each postcode to drive targeting to the greatest potential customers.

This is ideal for both bricks and mortar businesses as well as internet-only businesses and works for all sectors.

Boost plus

This uses ‘boost’ but with profile overlay which can be geographic or geodemographic.
This allows you to find the household with the best propensity to buy your products based on your best customer profile.

Why is partially addressed different from other mail channels?
Partially addressed mail is addressed mail but doesn’t have any personal data however it does have a personality.
This allows your mail to be delivered through the letterbox, tracked by Mailmark and addressed to your core buyer, for example:

• The DIY enthusiast
• Come and visit your new store
• The cruiser
• The canny shopper

Partially addressed mail is day definite so you know when it will land. Use it to react to market or competitive activity, such as new store openings or promotions by competitors.

Partially addressed mail doesn’t go to all households in a postal sector (average 3000 households) but will be mailed to specific postcodes (average 15 houses) and existing customers are removed. So where you have discreet postcodes with high propensity to buy your products/services you can reach them without targeting existing clients or households which will not be interested.

Sending your mail to households which will find it relevant will drive better return on investment.

Do I always have to mail a window envelope?
TLG are the innovators in direct mail and can design a format that will not just stand out on the door mat but also leap out when you open it. Our technical team are on hand to take your brief and turn it into a reality.

We can work with your agency to help design the initial concept, create dummies and add creative so you can see your pack prior to committing to any production method.

How can we help?

Get in touch now to use our format design service. It’s free and available for all of your campaigns.

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