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Print & Direct Mail Print Production Services

Printed, personalised, die-cut, pop-up, tipped-on, varnished, mailed, embossed, personalised in single or multi-colour, or a simple A4 letter into an envelope.

We've always invested in the most cutting-edge and technically advanced data and print/mailing production facilities available in the UK, European & US markets. Combine that with our ideas and our innovative people, and it means we can conceive and produce almost anything you can imagine with paper, card, digital media and customer data.

Our capabilities include web offset, sheet-fed and inline flexo print production; some of the most sophisticated Scheffer offline web personalisation and finishing systems in Europe; inline UV coatings and applicator/attachment capabilities; conventional mail packs, matching and polythene wrapping systems; and of course full database and colour asset management support services, database design, maintenance and cleaning.

We provide a true marketing, data, production and management service for an impressive and broad base of clients in retail, fmcg, mail order, financial services, advertising, sales promotion and brands marketing sectors across the UK.

Digital & Data Services

At TLG almost everything we do is driven by our customer's data and the drive to improve marketing effectiveness and ROI though the effectiveness and accuracy of customer information.

As a business we have evolved our marketing data services and e-marketing capabilities around the increasing demands for data accuracy, analytical sophistication and cross media applications.

The online world is a big and busy place. With so much competing for the viewer's attention, even the brightest idea needs to be treated exceptionally well if it's going to get the attention it deserves.

We create ideas-based websites, content and campaigns that really STAND OUT, grab attention, and then draw customers in - increasing ROI for our clients. Our areas of expertise include:

Envelopes & Polythene

We can help produce any envelope requirement you have - but don't feel you have to stick to a traditional window envelope, when a personalised non-window envelope or polythene wrapped mailing can be a more engaging and 'greener' solution.


Who said personalisation just has to be black? A combination of black and coloured inks can reinforce and blend a message seamlessly into a direct mail pack. Our daily capacity for personalisation names... addresses... barcodes... one piece mailer... media insert... personalised book... unique identifiers... gaming cards... and store and customer specific data is almost limitless.


Are you looking for a high volume fulfilment campaign with variable multiple inserts and an emphasis on security? Or, at the other end of the scale, a low volume, highly personalised and intimate fulfilment pack?

At TLG we are familiar with the particular challenges posed both by low volume and high volume fulfilment mailings. Where security is key - when valuable cheques, vouchers and other high security items are included we provide a totally secure system that validates, tracks and reconciles the exact location of every single value item.

There are times when neither a traditional direct mailing pack, nor a one-piece mailer is the most effective way to communicate to customers. When you're looking for greater flexibility, TriWeb is the answer…

TriWeb offers almost unlimited ways to personalise your message and any related offers. It also offers a greener alternative to the traditional mailpack production and can combine existing printed items with personalised print and enclose them together inline.

Inline mailers and media inserts

Of course when you're looking for maximum impact, with maximum cost-effectiveness, you can't beat clever one piece and multi piece mailers. At TLG we're never happier than when we are asked to push paper technology and our machinery to its limits.

We are quite simply probably the most innovative one piece and multi piece mailer producer in the UK and Europe.

Door-drops, brochures and inserts

Although we thrive on the challenge of delivering personalised formats, there is no reason why a one piece has to be sent through the mail. An unpersonalised one piece can still be a highly innovative - and cost-effective - way to communicate your marketing ideas and promotions.

In addition to our personalisation and specialist capabilities we also produce millions of both conventional and specialist printed products, door drops, brochures, retail and point-of-sale material, and general marketing support literature.

Whatever the concept, whatever the print volume, you can rely on us to keep your idea alive.


Seeing is believing

Take a 360 view of some breathtaking formats (and a range of everyday performers).


Keeping green

The Lettershop Group regularly look for new ways to reduce our footprint.

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