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Stream® Imagine being able to individually personalise every single mailer you send - in high quality colour, at high volumes and totally affordable prices. This is the future of 4-colour hybrid digital printing, and you can start exploring it right now.

A revolution in personalised DM

A whole new world of possibilities is opening up in DM. Our advanced Stream technology, developed with Kodak, means we can print in 4-colours at quality levels of offset printing - and in high volumes. The secret is a hybrid of web offset and digital printing that allows you to add multiple personalised colour elements throughout a mailer.

The result: for the first time you can achieve truly tailored direct mail without sacrificing quality and without paying the earth. The possibilities are endless.

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We believe Stream will revolutionise your world… and transform direct communications forever."

What could you achieve?

TLG is the only company in the UK offering highspeed 4-colour digital printing, integrated into a high speed finishing line to produce personalised one piece mailers.

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Witness the results

See how our 4-colour hybrid digital printing can transform your world.


See 4-colour hybrid digital in action

Watch the video that explains how 4-colour hybrid digital printing can transform your world.

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