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Stream® Imagine being able to individually personalise every single mailer you send - in high quality colour, at high volumes and totally affordable prices. This is the future of 4-colour hybrid digital printing, and you can start exploring it right now.

How 4-colour digital works

The system we have developed is unique in the UK and Europe. It allows us to print variable 4-colour items at high quality, in large runs, on standard paper stocks and at a sensible cost, using a clever combination of litho and digital printing.

The Stream technology mixes conventional (litho) pre-print with streams of variable 4-colour data, driven by a powerful data processing system that draws on highly specific customer information.

The key differentiator from conventional digital printing systems is the sheer quality of the print definition on completely standard paper stocks, and the speed with which printing takes place.

Stream technology's key benefits

  • Very high speed 4-colour output at litho print quality
  • Prints run as low as 20,000 copies, or into the millions
  • Print resolution of 170 screen
  • Current achievable speeds of 600 feet/minute with expected speeds of 1000 feet/minute
  • Ability to produce finished products eg covers, sections, mailers, sheets, envelopes
  • Printing on conventional paper stocks - coated, uncoated, gloss, silk - no need for pre-treating paper
  • Printing off-line (from reels) up to 965mm wide, allowing almost any print format / application
  • Can include other processes such as in-line finishing, perforating, die cutting
  • Range of coatings and finshes can be applied at same time

We believe 4 Colour hybrid will revolutionise your world… and transform direct communications forever.”

Working alongside Kodak

For the past 24 months TLG has been beta testing the Stream S10 print heads developed by Kodak. We entered the full test phase in January 2010 and have been testing full 4-colour print runs since. We now have two fully configured hybrid web offset / 4-colour digital systems capable of creating advanced personal print production.


See 4-colour hybrid digital in action

Watch the video that explains how 4-colour hybrid digital printing can transform your world.


Witness the results

See how our 4-colour hybrid digital printing can transform your world.

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