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Stream® Imagine being able to individually personalise every single mailer you send - in high quality colour, at high volumes and totally affordable prices. This is the future of 4-colour hybrid digital printing, and you can start exploring it right now.

What can Stream do for you?

Catalogue covers tailored for each recipient. Mailers with a unique combination of images and text based on previous purchases. Store-specific leaflets. All in full colour. Explore a world of new ways to talk to your customers.

Currently 4-colour digital printing is expensive to run and is generally used for low-volume mailings. All that is about to change.

Our Stream technology means you can print high volumes of colour materials with significant areas of personalised images and text. On a print run of hundreds or thousands an individual customer could receive a unique piece: you really can make every single finished item different. This opens up enormous possibilities for true one to one marketing.

Some ways you could use Stream

Variable mailer images and headings

10 different variants of a quality mailer aimed at existing customers, depending on previous customer activity, with a different headline / colour photograph in key locations such as cover.

Application: A premium food retailer could tailor imagery to appeal to customers - vegetarians would never see meat, people with a taste for diet-friendly meals would only see low-cal foods, etc.

Catalogue cover showing most recent purchases

A print run of 500,000 mail order catalogues with unique covers for EACH customer - the cover could show colour images of previous purchases with a headline addressing the recipient by name.

Application: a clothes retailer could show previous purchases alongside this season's matching items.

3. National print runs tailored for local stores

Large volume door drops from a national retailer tailored to be store specific - core messages remain consistent while parts of the leaflet show local store imagery and staff with personalised named messages for customer.

Application: a supermarket chain could build a more personal relationship with local customers using a high quality mailer - a combination of premium values and personal touch.


Introducing Stream®

The possibilities for
4-colour hybrid personalisation are now endless.


Witness the results

See how our 4-colour hybrid digital printing can transform your world.

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