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Case study

Cutting costs with innovation

A customer recently approached TLG with an interesting challenge. The business in question was printing and mailing a 32pp A5 publication each to 500,000 of its customers in clear film wrap.

The consensus was that, whilst this format delivered adequate results and was perceived to be very cost efficient, it lacked dynamism, limited creativity and felt tired.

Knowing TLG as an ideas driven company able to provide innovation print and mailing solutions, the customer's challenge was to come up with an alternative communication vehicle without reducing selling space or increasing their monthly budget.

Our solution

TLG's proposal was to revert to a tri-web format and take advantage of its unique paper based print, wrap and personalisation capabilities. The tri-web is an intelligent hybrid enclosing system that 'forms' an outer paper wrap around single or multiple inserts one of which may be pre-personalised. Outer personalisation is then provided in-line by high quality 600dpi Scitex heads.

The clever bit

The resulting 'pack' can take the form of a wallet or it can adopt the style of a traditional envelope. On paper this production route may appear to be more expensive. However, a number of additional factors were drawn in to the overall equation.

The unique ability of the tri-web to seal on all edges makes the resulting 'pack' eligible for machinable postal tariffs, which meant that Mailsort 120 CBC could be used as opposed to Mailing 1400 with polythene.

The result

This immediately freed up a minimum of £13.50 per 1000 packs in postal saving. With polythene you are not eligible for any 'sustainable' mail discounts at all. With the tri-web option a maximum of 0.7p per unit can be saved if the customer adheres to intermediate level sustainable mail criteria.

Added to the machinable saving this created an overall saving of a minimum £13.50 per 1000 packs. With no requirement to polythene wrap or to purchase polythene, a notional budget for the first 500,000 pack mailer was arrived at.

TLG provided a cost proposal that saved its customer £13.50 per 1000 packs, which equated to £6,750 per mailing and £81,000 per year.

Whilst taking advantage of a considerable saving, the customer was also able to benefit from a 4­­-colour outer wrap with significantly more selling space, better presentation and better personalisation, in addition to being able to use a far more environmentally friendly product.

Saving £6,750 per mailing and £81,000 per year."


Introducing Stream®

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