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Case study

Increasing footfall with targeted offers

A major multiple retail chain with an established card-based loyalty scheme were looking to increase footfall generated by their regular promotional mailings, but did not have the budget to test and adopt new approaches or formats.

Store footfall increased, the customer sold more products and benefitted from sustainable mail discounts”.

Our solution

We wanted to make the 'offer' more powerful and more relevant to each recipient without adding to the cost per unit.

Working with the customer, TLG recommended moving away from a standard offer brochure in
4-colour printed polythene to a bespoke enveloped solution.

The customer would normally allow its suppliers to have access to the outer polythene wrap to promote a 'lead' or 'hero' product and would charge a 'marketing fee' for the privilege.

TLG focussed on this area and analysis showed that an average of only 15-20% of recipients had bought from within the product group represented by the 'hero' product in the six months preceding each mailing - 80-85% were unlikely to take up the offer, however powerful.

The clever bit

We created a 'pool' of product groups, obtained marketing fees for one product for each group and targeted the offers at known buyers from within those product groups.

TLG proposed a 'reverse flap' outer envelope with recipient details, barcode and common offers to the reverse with the face carrying three variable promotions: with the products, brands and offers in full colour and of relevance to the buying profile of the recipient.

The result

The customer was able to charge a number of 'marketing fees' which more than offset the cost of production for a highly targeted vehicle that immediately grasped the attention of the recipient.

Store footfall increased accordingly, the customer and its suppliers sold more products, a precedent was set, a model was created and the customer benefited from the added bonus of mechanised and sustainable mail discounts.


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