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Case study

Well packaged package holidays

A well known high profile flight and package holiday operator recently consulted with TLG on how to move away from mailing multiple expensive brochures to customers whilst also getting more ‘value’ from the wealth of information held on their marketing database.

The ‘personal’ brochure worked really well and became the prototype for ‘well packaged package holidays’ ”.

Our solution

TLG recommended that the main seasonal launch brochures should remain in place, but that subsequent communications should be 'cut down' mailings of greater individual relevance while still acting as a 'signpost' to the customer's web site.

A number of multi-page spine glued 'self mailer' style products were presented to the customer who chose a 'stepped edge' format - with the steps acting as an excellent index to holiday regions and types.

The clever bit

Information relating to family composition, resort, hotel and price level was drawn from the customer database and two pages of the mini-brochure were allocated to 'hand-picked' offers.

The objective was to create immediate and relevant interest with the resorts and level of pricing but also to further refine the customer 'experience' by incorporating images of resorts they had visited and a hotel they had actually stayed in.

The expectation was that the bond between customer and brand would be strengthened with the 'actual' images reinforcing the customer's past holiday choice, now being featured in a brochure.

The first inner right page of the mini-brochure showed images of three resorts, one or two of which the recipient was known to have visited, and a third that was 'hand-picked'; all offered at an entry level price in the region the customer had previously paid.

The next inner right page held images of four hotels relating to those regions, one of which the customer had stayed in and again these were 'hand-picked'.

The remainder of the mini-brochure contained common offers and images.

The result

The 'personal' brochure worked really well and became the prototype for 'well packaged package holidays'.


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