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The Charities sector is another of the UK’s largest users of direct marketing. Charities use direct marketing to drive donations and interactive awareness campaigns with their members and donors through the accurate use of data and highly interactive response driven direct marketing techniques.

The need for engaging and fully interactive personalised marketing devices for the Charities direct marketing sector is ever increasing.

The use of multi-leaf personalised raffle/voucher books; personalised sticker sheets and labels; and the ability to produce these formats in multi-matched mail packs in low and high volumes whilst at the same time being able to constantly innovate with complex formats and the use of data is critical.

At TLG we are unique in that we can produce virtually any charity direct mail format including personalised labels, multipack in-line finished personalised books, game cards and multi-matched packs entirely in-house. 


Have a look at some of the relevant formats TLG have developed for the Charities sector.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

6 page wallet with onsert

This format incorporates a die cut profiled 6pp one-piece mailer with tear off voucher and onserted sachet, using our own pick and place technology.

Extended maltese format

Based on a maltese cross theme, we have created an extended broadsheet fold out section to give greater visual impact.

Integrated letter label sheet

At TLG, we have the ability to create integrated self adhesive labels from the letter substrate. With the combination of applying varnish, glue and die cutting we are able to create many high quality labels integrated into our formats.


Seeing is believing

Take a 360 view of some breathtaking formats (and a range of everyday performers).


Introducing Stream®

The possibilities for
4-colour hybrid personalisation are now endless.

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