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Media & Comms

Competition within the Media and Communications sector is as combative as ever, with new media and new peripherals taking an increasing role in the overall marketing message.

At TLG we have embraced the emergence and increased use of multichannel marketing communications through our continual development of direct marketing products that interact both ways with on-line based marketing activity and promotions.

We provide a full range of fully interactive and engaging products including pop ups, loyalty cards, themed wallets, promotional pieces, inserts and direct marketing formats with single and multi-colour presentation, encrypted QR codes, standard bar codes, web site and store traffic generators as well as store specific and customer address specific variable colour maps.

Our development of cost effective high volume digital technology are enabling marketeers to simultaneously reach large numbers of customers with highly individual personalised offers in full colour but with in-built interactive and personalised web site drivers.


Have a look at some of the relevant formats TLG have developed for the Media & Comms sector.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

3D pop up

By utilising our latest design techniques, we have created the possibility to manufacture at high speed a single, double or triple pop up device, to create an exciting 3D effect.

In-line wallet

One-piece profile die cut 6 page wallet, with 3 integral flyers.


With clever gluing and die cutting techniques, we are able to make double/triple thickness slide rule. Couple this with clean die cut apertures to the wallet, and you have a quality slide rule format.


Seeing is believing

Take a 360 view of some breathtaking formats (and a range of everyday performers).


Introducing Stream®

The possibilities for
4-colour hybrid personalisation are now endless.

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