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The increasing sophistication of Retail marketing has given rise to a significant growth in demand for ever more accurate and targeted data and consumer driven loyalty schemes, store value cards, brand and store specific direct marketing and door drop promotions, to drive store traffic, brand loyalty and retention.

Data insight and the clever use of very high levels of personalisation in single and
4-colour imagery are enabling retail marketeers and brand owners to interact with customers increasingly through the use of direct marketing driven CRM and Customer Loyalty Programmes.

At TLG we are able to provide our retail customers with a broad range of interactive high volume personalised products and technologies to drive customer loyalty. Our solutions include double and triple thickness cards, plastic personalised cards, variable 4-colour imagery and bar-coded loyalty campaigns plus variable store location maps and in-store promotions via direct mail, insert and door drop activity.


Have a look at some of the relevant formats TLG have developed for the Retail sector.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

3D pop up

By utilising our latest design techniques, we have created the possibility to manufacture at high speed a single, double or triple pop up device, to create an exciting 3D effect.

Paper wrap

Utilising our paper wrap technology, we are able to wrap around up to 6 items (either supplied or created in another process) to create envelopes or wallets. We can also seal all 3 edges with permanent or re-sealable adhesive and create a 3 edge tear with perforations.

In-line wallet

One-piece profile die cut 6 page wallet, with 3 integral flyers.


Seeing is believing

Take a 360 view of some breathtaking formats (and a range of everyday performers).


Introducing Stream®

The possibilities for
4-colour hybrid personalisation are now endless.

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